With Trained Words Instantly Get Prospects on Your Side.


Instant Leaders, Instant Success...

We Build You into a Leader.

Leaders are not born, they are made. How fast? Anywhere from two weeks to twelve weeks. No matter if you are a novice or a season professional, we build you into a leader as fast your burning passion for success allows.

We Teach You "Activity Thinking"

Every action or activity will produce a result. If you don't like the result, simply change the action. If you are not happy with your bonus check, take ACTION... and then comes the result.

We Train You with the Right Words to Say.

Learning "trained words" for building rapport, breaking the ice, closing, giving presentations and mastering twenty-one other skills will help you build a team of other powerful leaders that grow your business.

We Teach You to Handle Problems.

Building you into a leader is easy when you know how to handle problems. Master this principle of leadership, then you will have less stress, more time, less rejection, no doom and gloom days, no politics, fewer challenges... and it will be a lot more fun living life as a leader.

Is This Training Right For You?

This training is not for everyone. There are two types of people in the world, those who crawl out of bed each morning and choose to be victims and remain victims, and those who crawl out of bed each morning and choose to do something about it. For those people who choose to do something about it, we have online training, group training and personal one-on-one training. The choice is yours.

Exclusive Online Training from the Comfort of Your Home that Costs Less and is Less Intensive

The Four Color Personalities

How to control a prospect's mind to get anything your want.

Breaking the Ice

Introducing Your Business into a Social Conversation without embarrassment.


Giving Details about Your Product, Service or Opportunity in 2 mins or Less.

Building Rapport

How to build trust in 15 seconds upon meeting a prospect.


Getting People Across the Finish-line With a "YES" Decision.

Handling Objections

The Art of Overcoming a "NO" ​Decision.

Choose the perfect plan

Video Training Only


Live Group Discussion - Minimum 4 people


Live One-on-One Training in Group Sessions with One-On-One Tutoring


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About Your Coach

Have your ever hit a snag in life and with the help of a friend, you were able to navigate out of it? Dale Moreau is that friend. With 10+ years experience in Network Marketing, Dale has worked with hundreds of leaders in Network Marketing, Direct Selling, and Sales Professionals and personally coached over 1000 top leaders in a variety of companies. Dale’s experience and leadership training has positioned him with masterful skills at being exceptionally knowledgeable to train and coach you.

Dale and I have worked on the same team for almost 10 years. He is an A+ student of the industry who has now become the teacher.” <Billy Looper>.