Dale Moreau

Get Serious about Your Profession

Become a Leader and Blaze a Trail that Others will Follow and Watch Your Upline Beg You for the Secret.

Rank Advance in a Few Short Weeks with 18 One-On-One Live Personal Training Sessions.
You May Be Put in a Group but You will Get One-on-One Personal Tutoring.

Want to rank advance in days and not weeks or months? Then you’ll want to take advantage of our one-on-one personal live training. One-on-one personal training is the most effective method for achieving success fast. Through the power of a zoom, we can do face-to-face training right from your home. Training will be two one-hour sessions or one two-hour session a week. It’s your choice. I can only take 12 students a month, so seating is limited to first-come-first-served.

You’ll learn how to use the internet to put an end to constant rejection. You’ll learn how to get more YES-answers than NO-answers from any prospect. You’ll learn how to fatten your bank account and watch your bills get smaller using scripts that are proven to work…..every time.

You’ll learn how to find people who are presold on your products, services or opportunity and how to turn them into a customer or a new team member. You’ll unlock the secret of filtering out tire-kickers and find only serious people interested in your stuff.

The topics listed are NOT the full extent of what you’ll learn. The list is only a glimpse into what you’ll learn. Be ready to take hands-on action beginning your first day. This is a serious look at the mindset of a prospect and how to reach them using the influence of words.

Using the Power of LinkedIn

Unlock the secret of the power of LinkedIn for getting professionals on your side. Imagine having doctors, lawyers, bankers, business owners in your business using magic phrases in four steps.

Duplicating system.

Discover how to create an instant surge of new customers and team members into your Network Marketing business using a duplicating system that can be learned in minutes, not hours and days.

Mastering the 25 Skills of Network Marketing.

To become a leader, you must learn 25 skills. From building instant rapport, to breaking the ice, to closing, to giving a short story, to giving a two-minute story presentation, to handling objections, to following-up, and the list goes on. You’ll master them all and have prospects eating out of the palm of your hand.

Creating Scripts.

You’ll learn the art of creating scripts for your team members, so they have word-for-word exactly what to say in any situation from talking to family, friends and coworkers to talking to cold prospects on social media. Our scripts are proven to work.

Video Training

Learn the formula for using videos to attract pre-sold prospects into buying and joining your Network Marketing business, even if you are on a shoestring budget.


Blogging is the most effective tool for reaching the greatest number of people. Setting up blog can be painful. We make it easy and painless and show you the effective topics to use for getting thousands of people to read your articles and buy your stuff.

The Art of Talking

What does it take to have a conversation and convert any prospect into a new customer or team member? We train you to talk. A leader is expected to talk to prospects and his team members. We teach you the art of talking.


We have 10-seconds after opening our mouth to influence a prospect. If we fail, we lose the prospect. Discover the art of influence. Learn how to manipulate the subconscious mind of a prospect to get them to hear the good things you have to say.

Public Speaking

There is an art of speaking on the public stage. As a leader, you need to know how to influence an audience. Discover the secret of influence on a mass scale.

Building Your List

Most Network Marketers think they have to build a list of 100,000 people to create wealth. That’s not true. You only need a handful of people to create wealth. Learn how you can find the right people and build a massive army of distributors.