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Learn the five skills of Network Marketing for getting any prospect on your side. The good news is all five skills can be spoken to a prospect in less than one-minute. Learn the secret of speaking with trained words to build rapport, break the ice, close, give a presentation and handle objections, if any. Social media is one outlet for implementing the five skills. So, you’ll learn how to use words on social media to attract buyers and joiners.

You have access to the video library 24/7. If you need to present a quick training course for your team and are short on ideas, log into the library and get the knowledge you need. Always be on the top of your game when you prospect. Prospects respect an authority and this video library is packed with all the training material you need to get good at your game.

Building Rapport

Most people build rapport talking about Family, Occupation, Recreation and Motivation. It doesn’t work. Rapport is built through agreement. Learn how you can say one sentence and get a prospect to agree with you and create rapport, instantly.

Breaking the Ice.

People feel awkward talking to another person about their opportunity, products or services. Learn how to introduce them in a social conversation without embarrassment. Watch how fast a prospect will beg you for more information.


See how easy it is it is to get a prospect to close themselves. Closing doesn’t happen at the end of a presentation. It begins when we first open our mouths. It continues in the middle of our conversation. It finishes at the end of our conversation. Learn how quick a prospect says YES to your opportunity, products or services when we close.


How many of you hate something long and drawn out? Well, too many presentations in Network Marketing are way too long to watch or listen to. Learn how a two-minute story gives all the information a prospect needs to give you a YES-answer.

Handling Objections

Most Network Marketers fail this skill. They say all the wrong things. Learn how speaking with trained words neutralize all objections before they come up. And when they do come up, learn how agreement neutralizes them and turns a prospect around to say YES to us.

Social Media

Social media is so Blaise that we take it for granted. We’ve forgotten on social media how to use the commercial talk that is so effective in advertising. Learn how to say a few trained words and get any prospect on your side, instantly.